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    In defense of the pimped-out Oscar winner for Best Original Song.

This is now seriously old news, but it’s still on my mind because a colleague at work was bitching with me about the Oscars just the other day. There we were, commiserating about the Crash upset over the indisputably superior Brokeback Mountain, when things turned awkward, as they have for me several times in Oscar chats over the last three weeks: I found myself, yet again, defending Three 6 Mafia’s Best Song win.

This year’s results prompted more Monday-morning quarterbacking than any Academy Awards in recent history, and with good reason. Even Brokeback scribe Annie Proulx got into the hateration.

But there were two big awards upsets that night, and the one that happened an hour before Jack Nicholson uttered, “Crash – whoa!” has gotten far less press but seems to have pissed people off nearly as much. If you dig through the message boards at the big Oscar sites, you’ll find a slew of vitriolic complaints not only about Crash’s upset, but about “the most egregious undeserved Oscar,” Best Song winner “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” from Hustle and Flow . They call it “a piece of garbage…noxious effluvium,” “hypocritical tripe…misogynistic, racist, ludicrous,” “a poor effort to be ‘hip’ and with-it.”

The peeved Proulx sucked Three 6 Mafia into her whirring blades of disgust, too, bemoaning the “atrocious act from Hustle and Flow, Three 6 Mafia’s violent rendition of ‘It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp’….” Violent? She makes it sound like they were shivving backup singers live onstage.


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