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    The single, or the album: what is the unit of measure for music? The industry’s attempt to limit sales of hits on iTunes is just the latest battle in an endless war.

Imagine, for a moment, that supermarkets only carried milk by the gallon.

If you love milk or have kids, you probably wouldn’t mind – growing boys and girls drink it by the thermos-load. But the quart of milk makes much more sense if you’re single, or part of a childless couple, like me. Someday, when my wife and I have kids, I’ll buy milk by the gallon. But currently, I only need a splash of milk for my cup of tea in the morning, maybe a half-cup when I’m home on weekends and eating cereal. My wife doesn’t use milk much at all. At our consumption rate, if we bought milk by the gallon, we’d be throwing out a good deal of spoilage.

So, if supermarkets only offered milk by the gallon, I would either be complaining, finding someone who’d sell me milk by the quart, or throwing a good deal of money away. Or – just maybe – I’d learn to do without milk in my tea.


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