Chart Blog Migration: Coming Soon

To anyone who might have stumbled across this site in the last couple of days, given recent changes at the music blog Idolator: Yes, I am hoping to continue writing about the Billboard charts, and I am working on migrating my column here.

For the last two years–plus, I’ve been Idolator’s chief chart analyst/columnist. Since the fall of 2007, I’ve written “100 & Single,” the biweekly pop-chart column I conceived. Thanks to the support of Idolator editor Maura Johnston, it’s been the best music-writing assignment of my career.

Sadly, Maura was compelled to step down as Idolator’s editor on 9 November, and a new editorial team has taken over. With her departure, my tenure at Idolator likewise ends.

I’ve had too much fun writing “100 & Single” and gotten to know too many smart people to give it up now. I daresay I’ve had a rare privilege – writing about music on the Internet and generally loving the people who show up to comment on what I write! It would break my heart to say goodbye to all of my fellow chart geeks.

Please bear with me as I try to revive this old blog of mine, which has laid essentially dormant since I began writing for Idolator in earnest in 2007. I hope to check in with a roundup of this week’s Hot 100 goings-on this Friday, 13 November, and keep to some kind of regular schedule thereafter. Thanks in advance for your patience, and your continued interest.

Your humble chart geek &c.

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