Hit Parade: Spirit of ’71 Edition

Did the music 50 years ago really “change everything”? How a new generation of singer-songwriters rebooted the charts. View Transcript View Transcript Advertisement Listen & Subscribe Choose your preferred player: Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts TuneIn Spotify Stitcher Overcast RSS Feed Amazon Music For questions about subscriptions or your Slate Plus feed, check our FAQ. Please [...] Read more

Why Olivia Rodrigo’s “Good 4 U” Is Rock’s First Hot 100 No. 1 in Years

The versatile Disney star might be the dying genre’s best hope. Tweet Share Comment Tweet Share Comment When Olivia Rodrigo made her much-anticipated appearance on Saturday Night Live two weekends ago, the focus was, overwhelmingly, on the first song she performed, “Drivers License.” Over the winter, that out-of-nowhere chart-topping debut had instantly made her a [...] Read more

The Bridge: Hip-Hop, Hit Pop

Chris Molanphy and Amy Coddington give Milli Vanilli props as himbo forefathers of rap and pop cross-pollination. In this mini-episode of Hit Parade, host Chris Molanphy is joined by Amherst pop-music professor Amy Coddington to provide some context on how Milli Vanilli helped change the sound of pop music at the turn of the ’80s [...] Read more