Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours

Stevie Wonder’s hit songs written for others are so wide-ranging, you might not see his fingertips. At Motown’s 1966 Christmas party, the story goes, Smokey Robinson was handed a near-complete instrumental track and invited to finish it. Robinson, perhaps Motown’s greatest songwriter, typically worked alone. He was the sole writer-producer of such chart-toppers as 1964’s [...] Read more

The Music Club, 2014

Entry 4: The bad news: Artist “loyalty” is over. The good news: Hits are as varied as ever. Hey Carl, Lindsay, and Ann, Happy holidays—another round of shots for us all! Thanks for letting me run this lap with you. I’m hoping to be the Nicki Minaj to your collective Queen Bey—maybe not flawless but [...] Read more