The Weeknd’s Latest No. 1 Hit Proves He’s the New AC/DC

On “Heartless,” the singer keeps on recycling the same old tricks, and America still can’t get enough. For years—really, decades—AC/DC bandleader Angus Young has been finding creative ways to restate the maxim “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” in interviews. The guitarist can often come off as self-satisfied about his Rock Hall–inducted band’s endurance. [...] Read more

Why It Took an Inflatable Butt for Lizzo to Finally Score Her First No. 1

  The singer has long been a hit with parents. “Truth Hurts” finally won over their kids. Tweet Share Comment <img src=";height=520&amp;rect=1560x1040&amp;offset=0x0" alt="Lizzo onstage at Coachella." /> Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Coachella. Recently in Music America’s New Favorite Song Cements This as the Summer of Gen Z Taylor Swift’s [...] Read more