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Hit Parade: I Got Five On It Edition

Hit Parade celebrates its fifth anniversary with a Top 20 countdown of your favorite episodes.


Five years ago this month, Hit Parade launched on the Slate podcast network. What have we learned in that half-decade? And what episodes did you love the most? We asked you to vote—and the results may surprise you. Sure, you enjoyed our shows about Madonna, Nirvana, Whitney, Mariah, Bruce, Stevie, and Janet. But even more than that, you loved our nerdy deep dives about the producers behind “Le Freak”…the rules for One-Hit Wonders…the college-rockers from Athens, Ga.…the man behind Meat Loaf…the smooth players behind Yacht Rock…and that explainer about why you had to pay top dollar for CDs in the ’90s with only one good song.

Join host Chris Molanphy as he shares his founding principles for Hit Parade, and counts down your 20 favorite shows. Happy fifth birthday to us! We’re finally old enough for kindergarten.

Podcast production by Kevin Bendis.

Content retrieved from: https://slate.com/podcasts/hit-parade/2022/04/hit-parade-looks-back-on-five-years-of-charty-nerdy-episodes.