CBC Radio: Is Christmas music actual holiday magic…

…or just a cash grab? A look at the business of holiday albums and their merit versus their money
Christmas music is ubiquitous once December rolls around. Artists ranging from Frank Sinatra to Snoop Dogg to yes, Mariah Carey have Christmas or holiday albums. 

But is it the music industry making a cash grab? Or is there holiday magic — and artistic merit — behind the songs that power the holiday season across the country each year.

Paul Haavardsrud speaks with Canadian recording artist — and Christmas song alumnus — Hawksley Workman, and interviews Hit Parade podcast host Chris Molanphy on just why we keep reminding ourselves that all we, and Mariah Carey, want for Christmas is “you.”

BONUS – Hit Parade’s Chris Molanphy on the business of Christmas music

Listen to music journalist Chris Molanphy in conversation with Paul Haavardsrud on the economics and money behind Christmas music.