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The Bridge: Like the Legend of the Phoenix

Music scholar Jason King explains how Pharrell stays turned on, tuned in and far out.

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In this mini-episode of Hit Parade, host Chris Molanphy welcomes Jason King, Chair of the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, who has advised producer Timbaland on music litigation and has had a front-row seat for Pharrell Williams’s mentoring of artists. Jason credits these Virginia Beach superstars with clairaudience, or clairvoyance of sound—the ability to hear into the future. And he says Missy Elliott, Pharrell’s and Tim’s peer from Virginia, still isn’t given enough credit for her David Bowie–like ability to shape-shift in a pop context and fuse the visual with musical genius.

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Podcast production by Kevin Bendis.

Content retrieved from: https://slate.com/podcasts/hit-parade/2022/06/pharrell-timbaland-and-missy-are-still-ahead-of-the-curve.