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Hit Parade: Rolling in God’s Royal Uptown Road Edition

How memes, streams, and crossover dreams drove the hits of the 2010s.

All decades of pop music swing between trends and fads—but the 2010s was swingier than most. From the maximalist EDM of the early ’10s to the downbeat hip-hop of the late ’10s, the pop pendulum oscillated more widely than you may remember. The same decade that gave us Adele’s stately balladry, Katy Perry’s electro-froth, and Taylor Swift’s country-to-pop crossover also gave us the Weeknd’s bleary indie R&B and Drake’s moody rap. And Bieber! So. Much. Bieber.

With just weeks to go before the end of 2019, Hit Parade walks through the last decade of the Hot 100, year by year, and asks: What was that? Arguably, what drove pop in the ’10s wasn’t just the production sounds of dance music or hip-hop but the technologies we used to consume music, as the shift from downloads to streams changed the contours of chart success. And in the end, one multigenre queen navigated these shifts better than most, finding pop love in a hopeless place.

Podcast production by Justin D. Wright.

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