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Wednesday Night Live: Hit Parade Music Trivia

Slate staffers go head-to-head with Hit Parade host Chris Molanphy for the ultimate chart-trivia roundup.

Hey, Hit Parade listeners—we’ve got an unusual schedule for August. Today’s show is a recording of a recent installment of Slate’s Wednesday Night Live, which was a live trivia edition. Hit Parade host Chris Molanphy was our quizmaster, and he fired Billboard chart brainteasers to a foursome of Slate luminaries. Then they turned the tables on Chris! (Did any of them stump him?)

Later this month, in the place where we would normally bring you a full-length story, we’ll instead be doing a super-sized edition of our regular Hit Parade—“The Bridge” show. We’ll be following up last month’s Yacht Rock episode with some very special guests. You won’t want to miss it.

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