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Music Trivia: Welcome to Hit Parade—the Bridge

Slate’s music history podcast is here to quiz you with some tough pop-chart trivia.

Listen to Hit Parade—the Bridge:

Think you know music? Hit Parade, the pop-chart history podcast from Slate, is rolling out a new feature. Every month, the show will test a listener contestant in a special mini-episode called the Bridge.

Host Chris Molanphy will invite one person onto the show to play some music trivia, and contestants have the opportunity to turn the tables on him: They’ll get a chance to try to stump Molanphy, a music journalist for the past 25 years, with their own trivia question.

If you want to play along at home and quiz yourself, listen to the first episode of the Bridge here. If you’d like to be a contestant on an upcoming show, sign up for a Slate Plus membership, and then enter as a contestant here. You can also enter if you’re already a Slate Plus member.

Email: hitparade@slate.com
Podcast production by T.J. Raphael

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